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Tiger Woods, Great, but not the best……yet

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods recent win at southern hills has convinced many that he is the greatest golf of all time, but people need to look back instead of simplemindedly making such an abrupt statement.

Looking back across time, there has been several great golfers. Bobby Jones golfed for a mere 7 years, and stayed an amateur. He is also revered, among many golfers, as the greatest to have ever played the game. Bobby also created the Augusta National golf club, where the Masters is played every year.

Another player that people seem to forget easily when Tiger’s name is mentioned, is Jack Nicklaus, winner of 18 majors. Jack is referred to the Golden Bear, and was always the player to beat. When Jack was playing people would start competing for second place instead of first.

Its important to remember that Tiger is not the greatest, until he wins his 19th major. Until then he is submissive to players who have greater records, and Legends surrounding them.


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