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Mormon Massacre, The Movie

September 11, 1857, the sun is boiling the minds of thousands of travelers heading west to California. Then out of the golden hills of Utah come 150 Mormon warriors with one goal in mind, Kill every single man, woman, and child.

In a weeks time, the world will know the truth, or the truth according to the movie September Dawn. On Whether or not Brigham Young ordered the attack or if it was a total mistake. The Church of Latter Day Saints had this to say “Historical Evidence has showed that Brigham Young had no involvement in the Massacre.”

Whether or not Brigham Young was involved in the massacre, the movie brings up interesting questions about who and why this took place. This movie will be worth seeing just for the Historical Value of American History.September Dawn


2 Responses to “Mormon Massacre, The Movie”

  1. Please, stop already with the anti-mormon stuff, can’t you people get a real hobbie.

  2. Explain to me how this is anti-morman, its just a blog about a movie thats coming out soon, and how it has an actual historical route

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