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The Corrupt Republicans, and The Radical Democrats

In these days, where the Republican party seems full of never-ending scandals and misinformation, and the Democratic party wishes to destroy the stature of religion and core family values. It is difficult to look past the mangling of these two parties who are both aimed at doing things that we, as Americans would not approve of ourselves. So then how is it that we know of the wrong doing but yet do nothing about it.

The Republicans, our current administration, is aimed at “The War on Terror”, whose big accomplishment over the last 6 years, is bringing down a tyrant who wasn’t even involved. Whether or not Saddam Hussein was invloved with the Taliban, theres no doubt the world is safer without him. However safer the world is, it is how safe we are, and the bringing down of Saddam Hussein did nothing for American security, other than increase the threat of every other nation in the region. With Saddam’s removal all that was done was create a more united front. Currently the leaders of the Arab world are fearing the democratic hand of the US because they don’t want to lose their traditions that they’ve had for the last 1000 years.

In the year 2006 the congress turned from republican to democrat, there was big goals for the radicals, they thought that within a year Iraq would be withdrawn from, Iran would not be an issue, the dependance on foreign oil would be reduced or even eliminated, and finally global warming would be attacked head on. None of these things have happened. We are still in Iraq, as every budget deal goes through. Iran comes closer to nuclear prowess every passing day. Foreign Oil is still holding our nation by the throat. Finally the global warming issue, if you have a teen in your household, obvious attempts at going green have been made. The truth is however that no matter how much Al Gore kicks and screams global warming is happening at an extremely slow rate. Also there is evidence that the earth will go back, just as the little ice age in the late 1400s-1790s. A funny thing about global warming is that, claims have been made that it is our end to foreign oil, as ice in Alaska and the north pole melt there is more available oil than was before.

So as 2008 sneaks up on us closely let us remember the horror of the last 7 years politically. How the democrats have turned from being with the peoples best interest in mind, to extreme ideas that the public is not behind. Then the republican party, who over the last 7 years have managed to accomplish one thing. So 2008 becomes a choice between two slow horses, neither of which will win big for you. Let us thank god for our broken system of politics.


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