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Mrs. Edwards Brings Out Reasons, Armed With Truth

A few days ago Mrs.Edwards spoke out against the other candidates for the democratic primary. Most of what she said was cast aside, but when she brought up the race and sex of the other candidates it sparked a flame across the nation.

Yes, Mrs. Edwards is completely right. Obama being black, and Hilary being a women have gotten several endorsements. Will it be enough to win over the primary. No, over the last year percentages of Hilary and Obama have slowly declined into an average of 22% Hilary, 19% Edwards, 19% Obama, and 40% undecided

Mrs. Edwards was correct in saying that being different has sparked democratic endorsements, But the pattern shows, that most Americans are not ready to accept a Female, or African American president


2 Responses to “Mrs. Edwards Brings Out Reasons, Armed With Truth”

  1. I think you may have made a rather large logic jump in this post. IMHO the numbers only show that most Americans are ready to make a decision based primarily on Race or Gender.

    BTW, I think that’s a very fine thing indeed. American doesn’t need a Black president or a Female president; we need a President – Race and Gender shouldn’t be a primary concern and it’s looks like they aren’t 🙂

  2. Jonolan, that numbers show that support for Hilary and Obama have decreased in most states, as we come closer to the election, that was the point I was trying to make is that the race has grown incredibly more even.

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