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Mormon Massacre, The Movie

August 15, 2007

September 11, 1857, the sun is boiling the minds of thousands of travelers heading west to California. Then out of the golden hills of Utah come 150 Mormon warriors with one goal in mind, Kill every single man, woman, and child. In a weeks time, the world will know the truth, or the truth according […]

Tiger Woods, Great, but not the best……yet

August 15, 2007

Tiger Woods recent win at southern hills has convinced many that he is the greatest golf of all time, but people need to look back instead of simplemindedly making such an abrupt statement. Looking back across time, there has been several great golfers. Bobby Jones golfed for a mere 7 years, and stayed an amateur. He […]

Mrs. Edwards Brings Out Reasons, Armed With Truth

August 14, 2007

A few days ago Mrs.Edwards spoke out against the other candidates for the democratic primary. Most of what she said was cast aside, but when she brought up the race and sex of the other candidates it sparked a flame across the nation. Yes, Mrs. Edwards is completely right. Obama being black, and Hilary being […]

The Corrupt Republicans, and The Radical Democrats

August 14, 2007

In these days, where the Republican party seems full of never-ending scandals and misinformation, and the Democratic party wishes to destroy the stature of religion and core family values. It is difficult to look past the mangling of these two parties who are both aimed at doing things that we, as Americans would not approve […]